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We share with you all there is to know about Security Fences in Perth. Security fences are the perfect DIY project where you can safe a lot of money. Just use our simple to install security fencing system. Most certainly, the main reason to install security fences is to provide security for your home and family. However, it is not always just to keep things out. Sometimes it is also to seperate areas internally to provide a safety barrier to more dangerous areas in your home or work shop. For example like a work shed or heavy machinery.

Security Fencing Perth

Most people, however, would agree that security fencing is installed to protect your property from intruders. Our security fences are easy to install, perfect for a DIY project. You can safe a lot of money and get your new fence for little money. Most importantly, they are really solid. We only use steel fences as security fences in Perth. Aluminium fences can be a bit easier to handle during installation, but provide much less robustness. An intruder or attacker can easily damage and bend an aluminium fence.

How to get started.

Most security fences are installed in a straight line to from the left side of your block to the right side. We love those projects as they save you time and money. You just need to measure the total width of your block and get the right amount of panels accordingly. Remember to include in your calculations a car gate and a door for people to go in and out. Once you know what gates and doors you need, just head to our online shop and start selecting the amount of panels, poles and accessories you need. Most people will require one custom panel to adjust to the different width of your block. It is best to draw it out on a piece of paper and mark the amount of poles between each gate and count it from there.

Once payment is confirmed, we get packing and depending on your choice, we delivery it to your home for a simple flat rate fee. There are detailed videos available on youtube on how to install a fence, but the basics are very straight forward. You need to measure and mark where the poles will go.

Then, dig a hole for each of them. Once deep enough you simply align the pole straight up and poor cement into the hole. Once the cement has dried you can drill the gate brackets on to the poles whilst placing the fence panels in between each pole.

This is a great project to finish in 2 – 3 days. It saves a lot of money by DIY your security fence. Use our detailed instruction for planning and purchasing.

Let’s do this together!

Security Fencing

Security Fences Perth
Security Fences Perth
Security Fences Perth

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