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Screening Fences in Perth are a great option to add division and sigh protection in your space. The main benefits of screening fences compared to other fences here in Perth are:

  1. Create additional space by dividing off an area inside or outside. By creating a screened off area, a garden can feel bigger than before by providing more functional space.
  2. Protection from the elements is another good reason. Although screening fences don’t provide absolut UV and wind protection, they certainly soften the impact. It is nice to have less strong sun coming in on a balcony or getting less of the Fremantle Doctor winds on a winter afternoon.
  3. Adding additional design elements, is certainly one of the strong benefits of screening fences. Perth is full of cute house where a screening fence can provide another layer of design and make an old house look more modern; or an antique place more elegant or cute. The options are truely endless
  4. Privacy to relax. It certainly makes a difference to have a quiet corner around the house. Whether it is the neighbours or the kids, being able to fully rest and relax at home is worth gold.
  5. Affordable option compared to heavier fencing options. Whilst being decorative the often are lighter and therefore less expensive on material use. Hence, provide an ideal alternative to heavier security fences or wire fences that do provide more safety against violent impact, but also cost more due to their heavier and more solid nature.
  6. Combine with plants, and most of your needs in terms of sight protection will be met, whilst allowing good airflow and enough light to come into your space.

Different options of screening fences

The main categories of screening fences are:

  1. Batten fences
  2. Decorative screens
  3. Fixed blade louvres
  4. Slat fences

Now which screening fencing option is best for you is certainly a question that needs to be answered and also depends on the area you live in.

If you are simply looking for some visual separation with little safety added, because you are living in a save part of town with no crime and friendly neighbours, than low batten fences can be a great option.

However you are looking to create some privacy without any real need for safety, just because you don’t like the feeling of being watched all the time, then decorative screening fences can be the way to go.

Well, now if you are just looking to block out some wind, UV and rain water from your balcony or outdoor space, then fixed blade louvres can be a great option as well. They are cheap and light, but offer very little barrier.

Otherwise, if you are looking for some additional safety, whether from intruders or to keep your pets inside, whilst not appearing too secretive or block airflow and visibility, then slat fences are probably your way to go.

For your DIY screening fence project, we recommend you use our Slat fence systems which are easy to install and cost effective.

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