There are 3 major options to think about when thinking about pool fences Perth. Aluminium tubular fences, frameless pool fences and semi frameless pool fences. All of them come with certain advantages and disadvantages:

Aluminium Tubular Pool Fences

are rust and corrosion resistant and can withstand the elements much better. No regular maintenance or upkeep is required. Generally, aluminium pool fencing lasts for many years. It is quick and easy to install with our simple to install pool fencing system.

Frameless Pool Fences

are a very stylish option to go for. They certainly add a modern feel to your house. Furthermore heaps of of value is added to your property as well. Besides the obvious that they provide additional security, there are a few more key benefits for this pool fence type:

  • Easy to keep an eye on kids.
  • Difficult to climb over. 
  • Super strong. 
  • Fully compliant. 
  • Good investment. 
  • Your yard looks bigger. 
  • Stylish look. 
  • Enjoy your whole backyard.

Semi Frameless Pool Fences

are supported by aluminium powder-coated or stainless-steel posts in between each panel. It is cheaper compared to frameless pool fences. Frameless pool fences have no posts between each section.

A good reasons to opt for Semi Frameless Pool Fences in Perth is cost. The glass is better supported with poles in between each section. Therefore the thickness of the glass can be reduced. This leads to a substantial cost saving. Because glass is a very expensive component in your pool fence project.

Learn more how to plan you pool fence project here.

Therefore, pick up your tools and tape measure and get planning. If you have questions about options and variations though, please feel free to reach out to our team. We are passionate about helping you out and will do everything in our power to make your fencing project a huge success.

Don’t forget, this is a reasonably easy DIY, but the impact on your property value and street appeal can be enormous.

Lets do this together!