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Glass Balustrades Perth – Best Trade Prices & Quality – Flat Rate Delivery – Specials NOW

glass Balustrades Perth warehouse

At we deliver glass balustrades perth made and warehoused. We ensure you get access to real trade prices. Now, you can get maximum saving from DIY your glass Balustrade project.

Options of Glass Balustrades in Perth.

At we provide you with a range of glass balustrades to beautify your home. Glass balustrades are a fantastic way to add a modern, high end feel to your home whilst increasing safety. Balustrades Perth Warehousing saves time and money for delivery. You can pick up or use our flat rate delivery fee. 

The definition of balustrade is a railing supported by balusters, especially one forming an ornamental parapet to a balcony, bridge, or terrace.

There are 2 main types of glass balustrades available at All of them have different advantages and purposes.

FRAMELESS Glass Balustrades Perth

Frameless glass balustrades are certainly very stylish and add tremendous value to any home whilst maximising space and visibility. However, frameless glass balustrades need glass that is significantly thicker than for semi frameless glass balustrades. Hence the cost of frameless glass balustrades can be 2 – 3 times higher than wire balustrades. Although they are easy to clean, it can be challenging for elderly to clean the glass panels at heights, as the outside also needs cleaning as well. Frameless glass balustrades can also provide additional protection from wind and UV which is helpful for all of us living under the Australian sun. The are perfect for pool fencing projects and indoor balustrades.

SEMI-FRAMELESS Glass Balustrades Perth 

Semi-frameless balustrades are a very resilient and cost efficient option in terms of material. It also allows pets and children to notice the barrier more easily due to its better visibility compared to frameless glass balustrades. However installing semi-frameless glass balustrades needs time and skills to achieve good alignment and levelling of all panels. The poles provide a more direct comparison to the eye and mistakes show more easily. Furthermore, the glass sections are often made to order and cannot be adjusted on site. Hence, planning and installation skills must be applied. We do not recommend semi frameless balustrades for first time DIY installers. Semi frameless balustrades can offer a point of differentiation and or can play an important part as a design element. Semi -frameless balustrades can also provide additional protection from wind and UV which is helpful under the Australian sun that we are all exposed to.

Offset Glass Balustrades

Offset glass balustrade installed on a balcony.

This way of installing a glass balustrade is attractive for balconies to achieve a point of difference or street appeal. However, this installation is already much more advanced for several reasons. Therefore we do not recommend this type of glass balustrades to be your DIY project. Please use your own common sense to assess the project.

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