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We teach you need to know about Aluminium Fences Perth. Certainly, aluminium fencing does come with a lot of advantages which are strong reasons to opt for this type of fence compared to steel fences or wooden fences. Lets have a look at a few of them:

Aluminium Fences are low maintenance

Yes! Aluminium fences, unlike wooden or steel fences, will never need to be repainted or maintained over the years. Simply because aluminium doesn’t rust and therefore does not weather away like other fence types. They will give you years of aesthetic enjoyment and appeal. In addition they are famously easy to clean. A simple hose down once a month or so will do the trick.

Aluminium fences are very versatile and decorative

The biggest feature of these fences is its versatility. Aluminium fences in Perth have one of the largest varieties of colours and styles to perfectly complement your property. No other fence type provides such a large choice. Whether you are looking for popular slat fences, or decorative screening fences, or something more exquisite such as fixed blade louvres. Those fences are mostly made from aluminium.

Aluminium fences are easily installed, perfect for DIY

The reason why the installation of aluminium fences is easier compared to materials is simple. Firstly aluminium panels are not as heavy as steel or wood panels. Hence one more 2 people can move all elements more easily. Secondly, aluminium is easy to drill into and cut. Yes, you may have to cut an element to fit your exact space, and certainly you will have to drill screws into those aluminium fence poles. When the screw goes in like butter, rather than steel, you will know what we mean and certainly appreciate it.

Environmentally friendly

Yes! Aluminium fences have a lower carbon foot print due to lower energy expenses, and most aluminium fences are made from recycled aluminium. Perfect, right? Not many industries can yet work well will recycled materials but aluminium fences are a perfect application for the use of recycled materials.

Longevity of aluminium fences

Another good point is, that aluminium one of the most weather-resistant materials available. Nothing bothers it, from rain, hail, snow, ice, and UV rays. It resists corrosion, rust, decay, insect infestation, and more and therefore is ideal for Australia’s harsh climate, from high UV to salty coastal air.

Some manufacturers even offer a lifetime limited guarantee for their aluminum fences. They often are outlasting wood, steel, chain-link, and wrought iron fences. Such durability, means you’ll certainly get the best value for money.

There are a few disadvantages to aluminium fences that should be considered.

  1. As previously shown, aluminium fences are certainly a great option for most scenarios. However, if you are looking for 100% privacy than, aluminium fences cannot compare to something like colorbond fences.
  2. If you need best security, than aluminium fences may not be the best options. Although very durable and long lasting, they are not as impact resistant as steel fences. For an industrial complex, commercial property or just a more eventful neighbourhood, we certainly recommend you opt for our ZEUS Security Fences.

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